Outdoor Photography Classes Spring/Summer 2023

Dublin Photography School run a series of “Outdoor Photography Classes” across Ireland.  while there are a great many benefits to learning photography in a classroom setting, learning in a practical outdoor session offers unique and valuable benefits. These include the opportunity to practice in real-world environments, capture diverse and creative images, learn from experienced instructors, connect with likeminded photographers, and have fun in the process. For anyone interested in photography, an outdoor session can be an excellent way to take their craft to the next level.

Learning photography in one of outdoor classroom sessions is wonderful and rewarding experience, where you learn to improve your photography skills can be just as important as what you are learning. While classroom settings have many advantages, learning photography in a hand on practical outdoor classroom provides unique and valuable benefits.

One of the biggest advantages of learning photography in a practical outdoor session is the opportunity to practice in real-world environments. In a classroom, you might be taught the technical aspects of photography, such as aperture and shutter speed, but putting these concepts into practice in an outdoor is a fantastic way to see instant results. Learning to adjust your settings based on lighting conditions, finding the right angle, and capturing the essence of the environment can all be better learned in a practical outdoor session.

Our  Outdoor Classes offer a wealth of opportunities to capture stunning images. Whether it’s a beautiful landscape or a unique lighting situation, outdoor sessions allow for a wide range of photography subjects that can’t be replicated in a classroom. This can lead to more creative innovative results. Learning photography in one of our practical outdoor sessions provides the opportunity to learn from our experienced instructors in a more intimate setting, typically our location shoots are made up of smaller groups, which means our instructors can provide more personalized attention and can provide more instant advice and feedback.

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