Montenegro Photography Holiday Highlights with TDactive holidays

In April 2018, the DPS team  set out with 16 fellow photographers of all levels to one of the most rugged, untouched and unique areas of Europe, Montenegro. We landed in Dubrovnik, Croatia as the sun was blazing in all it’s glory offering us a balmy 21 degrees with clear skies. It was so refreshing after such a cold and dreary Irish winter that seemed to refuse to leave! We quickly grab our luggage, meet our guide and board a bus to one of the most  beautiful places in the world. After just over a 20 minutes coach ride we are whisked to our destination, where we will spend our first evening at leisure exploring the amazing city of Dubrovnik, where the commanding views from it’s walls hint at the amazing scenes to come.

Settling in for the night our advice is very simple, “have your memory cards empty and your batteries full, as we will hit the ground running in the morning”.


Don’t Miss Out!

Transylvania Holiday September 13th- 17th 2018

photography trips to TransylvaniaCome travel with us to Romania the largest of the Balkan nations. It is a land of stunning mountain scenery, unspoiled countryside and historic towns, making it a fantastic holiday destination for anyone looking to develop their documentary, street and landscape photography skills. Based in the charming, historic town of Brasov for four nights, you will have the opportunity to photograph the remarkable landscapes of the Transylvania region as you travel high into the Carpathian Mountains, taking in impressive vistas and lake views. You will also visit the picturesque medieval town of Viscri, famous for its traditional houses and Saxon fortified church, and Sighisoara, with its impeccably preserved hilltop citadel. Of course, no stay in Transylvania would be complete without a visit to the imposing fortress of Dracula’s Castle.


We wake to a stunning sunrise where the weather is fantastic for April in Croatia @22 degrees.  Our day starts with a short drive across the border into Montenegro, but not before we stop to take in the viewing point of Dubrovnik. Moving accross the hard boarder of the E.U is no hassle as Montenegro has a fantastic relationship with Europe and is hoping to join the E.U in the coming years. We then move onto our first destination Perast, a truly picturesque old town on the Bay of Kotor. Despite having only one main street, the tiny town of Perast boasts 16 churches and 17 formerly grand palazzos. Here,on the streets of Perast, we meet our amazing guide Miro. The DPS team teach everything from semi automatic modes to composition, EV Comp and getting everybody up to speed with basics for the next few days.

After a lunch stop we enjoy a guided boat cruise from Perast to the island of Our Lady of The Rocks for a photo shoot in two locations, looking out over Our Lady of the Rocks as well as ample time to photograph the nearby St George’s Island. Regrouping after our boatride from the Island, we rebroad  our bus and head to  our next desitination, a beuatiful old town called Kotor. We plan to photograph Kotor from above so as we climb the steep pathway to our destination, we are treated to commanding vistas of the souroudding hills and bay, before stoping for a sunset shoot and filter demostration. The sun begins to set as we make the trip down to the centre of Kotor and head  to our hotel for the evening, which is located in the stunning oldtown of Budva.

In the early morning, we set out to  Lovcen National Park, located in rocky region of Dinara Alps. Here we  journey via the impressive Serpentine Road that winds through the landscape with numerous stops to  photograph the Bay of Kotor, also known as BokaBay, before continuing on to Skadar Lake. Lake Skadar lies on the border of Albania and Montenegro and is the largest lake in Southern Europe. You will have the chance to shoot iconic images of the lake from an elevated position. Following this we stop for lunch before take a guided boat cruise to the village of Virpazar. On board we are treated to local wines and cheeses and relax and enjoy the stunning views. Here the DPS teach how to photograph and compensate for movement when moving at speed, before stopping at  Besac Fortress and photographing the black hills of its namesake Montenegro.


Early next morning we embark on a sunrise photo shoot at the walls of the oldtown of Budva. Following this we regroup for breakfast and board the bus for the Tara River and Black Lake, a glacial lake located on Mount Durmitor at an elevation of 1,416m.  Stopping to photograph the  Tara River Canyon while shooting from Djurdjevica Tara Bridge. At 1,300m deep the Tara River Canyon is among the deepest river canyons in the world. before stopping at a black lake for some stunning views and photographs that would be not out of place in the the rocky montains.


As the DPS team wind down for the evening before heading to the airport in Dubrovnik, we take one last stroll through the streets of Budva oldtown, which is like something from an old historical movie. The empty streets are both romantic and mysterious as they weave in and out of old squares, lit only by old lamps. Montenegro is truely a stunning country and destination. Our friends in TDactve Holidays have outdone themselves yet again in planning our logistics and comfort for this trip. See you in 2019 Montenegro!


Ring of Hook Photography Trip Highlights

dublin photography school reviews

On March 24th 2018, the DPS team boarded a coach with 13 other photographers of all levels to one of the most scenic locations in the sunny south east: Hook Head. Taking in some stunning locations in Irelands Ancient East…including Ducketts Grove in Carlow, Clashganny Lock just outside Borris and Tintern Abbey in Wexford, before arriving at the jewel in the crown that is, Hook Head Lighthouse. Hook Head is one of Ireland’s most iconic lighthouses aswell as being one of the oldest operating lighthouses in the world.

Ducketts Grove Photography tour

The day was blessed with amazing spring weather. We were spoiled with blue skies and fluffy white clouds that always make for a fantastic day out.

Each location is introduced with new techniques, settings and guidance from the DPS team.


  • Sample Compositions
  • Shutter Priorty
  • Aperture Priorty
  • Full Manual Mode
  • Circular Polarizers Explained & Demonstrated
  • ND Filters Explained & Demonstrated
  • ND  Grad Filters Explained & Demonstrated
  • White Blanace Explained
  • Much, Much More ….

ring of hook photography trip dublin photography school

The day ended with an incredible sunset on Hook Head, with a stunning display of colour and a fantastic opportunity to capture misty waters, and as we moved into the “blue hour” after sunset, the guys were treated to a tutorial on spinning steel wool to create some fantastic effects.

ireland photography tours with dublin photography school

If you are interested in checking out this trip, we will be updating the trip page with a 2019 Hook Head date soon here.


Check out more images from the day on our Instagram account here



Picking The Right Photography Course For You

beginners photography course guide ireland

You have a brand new camera, your memory card is empty, your battery is full, and you are burning with enthusiasm and ready to get to grips with all that photography has to offer. You might start by checking out a few YouTube videos, reading a few books and after a couple of blurry shots too many,  you decide to bite the bullet and take up a photography course. So where to start?

Our photography courses, workshops and masterclasses are broken down into the following categories:

beginners photography courses dublin

4-5-7 Week  Photography Courses

These are short photography courses that take place on a week night at DPS HQ in Dublin City Centre. These evening courses are designed to get you up to speed, not just with your camera but with the principals of photography. They cover everything from complete basics, to more advanced concepts. They are ideal for beginners and form the back bone of any future learning in photography. They do this by helping you get the basics in place, by dispelling myths, by busting jargon, and getting you comfortable with your camera. Our aim is to combine classroom based camera and photography techniques, with at least two classes out on location where you will apply what you have learned in theory. As we say here at Dublin Photography School, “you can’t learn to drive just by reading the rules of the road”.

Level: Complete beginners, experienced novices, self taught photographers looking to formalise their photography knowledge and photographers returning after a long break.

Course Frequency : Depending on the time of the year we can have up to 4 start dates a month depending on demand.

Equipment Needed: DSLR Camera, Mirrorless Camera, Tripod, Remote Control.

See Evening Photography Course List Here

1 Day Photography Courses

Our one day photography courses are aimed at anyone looking to make a quick start or for someone who cannot commit to an evening or part time course due to their own commitments. These courses tend to be similar to the 5-7 week courses but with out the on location shoots, however in line with our ethos, we still provide a practical element later in the day.

Level: Complete beginners, experienced novices, self taught photographers looking to formalise their photography knowledge and photographers returning after a long break.

Course Frequency : Depending on the course anywhere from 3 times per month to twice per year.

Equipment Needed: DSLR Camera, Mirrorless Camera

See 1 Day Photography Course List Here

1 Day Photography Workshops

Photography workshops slightly differ from photography courses, in that they tend to be a little shorter in duration. The can run anywhere from 4.5-6.5 hours depending on the workshop. The subject matter tends to be a little more specific to particular types of photography e.g. flash or studio photography, black and white photography, street photography, smartphone photography, travel photography, macro photography and wedding photography.

Level:  Experienced novices, self taught photographers looking to formalise their photography knowledge, photographers returning after a long break and students after completing a 1 day or 7 week course.

Workshop Frequency : This is workshop dependent.

Equipment Needed: This is workshop dependent.

See Photography Workshops List Here

Photography Masterclasses

A photography masterclass is an intensive short class 3-4 hours long that solely focuses on a single topic of photography, from Composition and Lighting to Semiotics and Visual Metaphor.  These classes tend to more lecture based with more of a focus on refining work, showing samples of how, when and where to use techniques, as well as identifying and refining work already produced.

Level: Experienced novices, xxperienced photographers, camera club members, students after completing a 1 day or 7 week course with DPS. All levels above beginner.

Class Frequency : There are 4 masterclasses scheduled for 2020.

Equipment Needed: DSLR Camera, Mirrorless Camera,

See Photography Masterclass List Here

Photography Location Shoots

Photography shoots are a great opportunity to get out and about with the camera and meet other photographers. They are about a social and peer group as much about learning new practical photography techniques. Each of our Photography Shoots has a different theme or techniques depending on the location or time of year and can take the form of a photo walk or Meet up that will visit several locations or be just confined to two or three spots depending on the location and techniques.

Level: All Levels

Location Shoot Frequency : Depending on the time of year we can have location shoots or location workshops happening up to twice a month (depending on demand).

Equipment Needed: DSLR Camera, Mirrorless Camera, various.

See Location Shoot List Here

Photography Excursions

Photography Excursions tend to be day trips or overnight stays in various locations around Ireland, and are all practical based outings. Some examples of the excursions and photography day trips we have run in the past are Copper Coast (Waterford), Hook Head (Wexford), Kilfane Glen and Waterfall,(Kilkenny) and  White Coast, Co Antrim to name a few.

Level: All Levels

Excursion Frequency : Photography day trips and excursions tend to run 1-2 times per year.

Equipment Needed: DSLR Camera, Mirrorless Camera, Tripod, Remote Control.

See Excursion List Here

iceland photography tour

Photography Holiday

In 2013 we teamed up with Travel Department & TDactive to bring you a series of photography holidays to some of the most stunning photographic locations in the world. These 3-5 Day trips are designed for all levels and are an outdoor classroom that bring you to handpicked locations by the DPS team and show you how to get picture perfect images that you would see in any travel book or brochure. Its a great experience with photographers of all levels catered for, thanks to the fact that there are 2 DPS trainers on every holiday allowing us to focus on all levels from COMPLETE beginners to ADVANCED veterans. The DPS crew pride themselves on creating a warm, fun and inclusive atmosphere where photographers of all levels can flourish and take advantage of the outdoor classroom. With Destinations including Romania, Italy, Croatia, Iceland, Morocco and India, There is something for everyone.

Level: All Levels

Course Frequency : We run up to 5 photography holidays a year depending on demand and locations available.

Equipment Needed: DSLR Camera, Mirrorless Camera, Tripod, Remote Control.

See Photography Holiday List Here

Photography Talks

DPS run a series of FREE photography lectures during the year called “Thursday Talks” With a mix of in house and guest speakers on a wide variety of subjects in and around photography. These talks have proven to be very popular over the years and tend to be a full house everytime.

Level: All Levels

Photography Talk Frequency : Up To 4 Times Per Year

Equipment Needed: None

Keep an eye on our photography Blog here or DPS  Facebook Group Page Here for upcoming Talks in 2018.

Online Photography Courses

At Present Dublin Photography School do not run any online photography courses. We feel that photography is a hands on practical subject that requires a “look and feel” approach to learning. The art of photography has always been more than just dry technical specs, no matter how import technics are in photography, they are just one important thread in a very rich tapestry of learning  photography. With that said DPS has plans for an “Online Campus” that will supplement the classroom based learning process and not replace it.

Keep an eye on our photography Blog here for upcoming future developments.

DPS Camera Guide – Picking The Right Camera For Your Needs

best camera for photography courses in dublin

Buying your first camera or even upgrading to a new one  for that matter can be a bit of a mine field. This is not helped by going online to have a quick look aT options, only to be absolutely frazzled by the amount of jargon, abbreviations, techno-babble, brand fan-boys and add an healthy dose of pixel-philes, and the whole experience will leave your head spinning. Here at DPS we have decided to put together a simple list to different guides that help you put together the best camera for your needs. We have decided to leave aside brand (most brands are created equal and generally it comes down to preference) and focus on the main camera “types”, starting at the very bottom and working up in terms of functions and features.


Smartphone (Camera Phone)

smartphone courses ireland

You won’t need too much of an introduction to smartphones, chances are, you are reading this on one right now.  So, is the camera on your phone any good? The short answer is…YES! but LIMITED! Many a seasoned photographer dimisses the camera phone as a toy, however for many this is their first introduction to the world of photography. While the iPhone, Android  or Windows smartphones are fantastic for learning and practicing composition, most photographers will quickly outgrow them and find them very limiting after a while. This is where most people will decide to upgrade or buy their first “Real” camera. In saying that, if you want to get more out of your smartphone photography have a look at our Smartphone Workshop Here.

Pros: Small, mobile, always on your person & lots of editing apps.

Cons: Limited functions, limited accessories & it is a feature of your phone, rather than the main purpose.


Compact Camera

mirrorless camera course ireland

With the rise of the smartphone, the compact camera is fast becoming an endangered species. The big brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony and Olympus are producing fewer units and models each year. With most Smartphones being able to match them in terms of quality and functions in all but the most advanced compact models.

Pros: Compact, Mobile, Multiple in-camera functions, better battery than smartphones, dedicated memory card so no competing for space on phone & price

Cons: Not much improvement on Smartphone, carrying extra item & although it has more functions than a smartphone, it is still very limited.


Bridge Camera

sony camera courses ireland

With the demise of the compact camera, most camera manufacturers have diverted the resources that they once poured into compact cameras into Bridge cameras. So what is a Bridge Camera?  To put it simply, it is  a compact camera on steroids! These cameras are a massive step up from a compact and smartphone camera, however a step down from a DSLR (we will get to that!) These cameras have a lot of the mobility of a compact camera, with some of the power of a DSLR……almost as if it was a “BRIDGE” between the two.  While bridge cameras are fine for most enthusiasts starting out, and even taking a photography course, (as most bridge cameras have manual modes and settings), they will eventually outgrow them, it will take slightly longer than if they had a phone or compact camera, but in our experience in DPS we find most students who complete our basic courses will often look to upgrade from a bridge as soon as they can.

Pros: Compact(ish), lots of features, manual modes, suited to  more “serious” photography &  price.

Cons: Limited aperture range, lens is fixed and cannot be upgraded, limited ISO range & shutter lag( slow to take picture when button is pressed).



camera courses ireland

DSLR is an abbreviation for ‘Digital Single Lens Reflex’, in short, this means the camera does not suffer from any noticeable shutter lag. What is Shutter Lag? If using a phone, compact or bridge camera, when you press the button to take a picture, there is a delay between when you press the the button and when the camera actually takes the shot, this is known as shutter lag and can be very noticeable on some cameras and phones and may lead to missing the shot. DSLR cameras come with interchangeable lenses, meaning the lens on the camera can be taken off and switched with another one. This can be used to improve the cameras performance and the type of images the cameras will produce. DLSR cameras are often considered to be of Pro & Semi Pro standards, and although by no means is this accepted by all, they are the staple of enthusiasts and professionals alike. We recommend these and mirrorless cameras (don’t worry we will get to that too) for most of our Photography Courses and Photography Workshops.

Pros: Full of functions and features, sturdy, high image quality, interchangeable lenses, accessories, good low light performance & no shutter lag.

Cons: Bulky, can be expensive & requires semi regular cleaning.


Mirrorless Cameras (DPS RECOMMENDED)

olympus mirrorless camera Ireland

These are often called four third cameras, but this is a bit of a misnomer these days……when these cameras where first introduced about 10 years ago, they were dismissed as a fad by a lot of photographers and at the time the technology just wasn’t up to snuff. However in recent years there has been major innovations from (for example) Fuji and Olympus in this area and they have not only come into their own, but have massively excelled. These cameras have all the power of DSLR’s but are about half the size and weight, making them super compact. However, because of the absence of the “lens reflex” the LR part in a DSLR, these cameras suffer from noticeable shutter lag, while not as bad as a phone, compact or bridge, it still isn’t as good as a DSLR, but is improving all the time. These cameras are also hard on battery life and have reduced image quality, however we feel that for travel and street photography they are unmatched. Check out our DPS Snapshot Photography Podcast, on the rise of the Mirror less camera here.

Pros: Compact, full of functions and features, sturdy,  interchangeable lenses, accessories & good low light performance.

Cons: Shutter lag, can be expensive & often only medium image quality.


Full Frame DSLR

canon photography courses ireland

If you are just starting out in photography…forget it! Get the techniques right first, then get the technology. If you are thinking about going full frame from a DSLR, remember that everything gets bigger – the price tag on lenses, camera bodies, filters, processing power and so on. You need to do your homework if you are considering purchasing one. Your current accessories may not be compatible with your new full frame camera. Pay particular attention to your lenses as they may not be compatible. If your reaching this point in your photography, then for most it is a milestone, as most “serious photographers” will eventually move to full frame. With  photography and the whole photographic industry changing so rapidly this may not be the case in a few years time. If you plan to work professionally or semi professional then this may be the upgrade you need, depending on the genre you are working in.


Pros: Professional functions and features, sturdy, high image quality, interchangeable lenses, accessories, good low light performance & no shutter lag.

Cons: Bulky,  expensive, require regular cleaning & not backwards compatible.


Check Out Some Of Our Beginners Photography Courses

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Congratulations To Grace O Reilly From All Here AT DPS – TV3 Ireland AM Christmas Photography Competition

dublin photography school - grace o reilly

Dublin Photography School are delighted to wish this years winner of the TV3 Ireland AM Christmas Photography Competition; Grace O Reilly, a massive and well deserved congratulations.

Grace’s entry bested some fierce and talented competition to come out with the number spot, with this stunning image below;

dublin photography school courses - photography courses dublin

Grace has been a familiar face with us here in DPS and has taken regular Photography workshops with us, since we open our doors back in late 2010. Grace has always had a massive passion and talent for photography since she started studying photography in Kevin’s College in 2007.

Grace is a multifaceted artist and aside from photography, We have seen her do wonderful things with painting, textiles and up cycling.

If you would like to see more of Grace’s fantastic photography or craft work you see more here

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR OVERWHELMING SUCCESS GRACE! –  From all of us here at Dublin Photography School.

dublin photography school - grace o reilly



New Photography Courses & Masterclasses For 2018 in DPS 2018

The people have spoken and they have overwhelmingly  said “we would like to see a Lightroom course & a photography composition masterclass, as well as much more “. The team at Dublin Photography School are delighted to announce a new Lightroom photography course, Photo Restoration workshop, as well as introducing our new  ‘Masterclass’ series for 2018.


Some of our new courses & workshops for 2018 are;lighting photography workshopdublin - learn about lighting in photography

1 Day Lightroom Course

Photo Restoration Workshop

Photography Composition Masterclass

Photography Lighting Masterclass

Photographic Portfolio Preparation Masterclass

DPS are delighted to add these workshops, courses and masterclasses to their already large selection of courses, workshops, location shoots and photography holidays.

Be sure to keep an eye on all of our social media pages for new holiday announcements and soon to be released details for upcoming ‘Thursday Talks’ for 2018.




travel photography holidays ireland

Romania & Transylvania Photography Holiday Highlights

photo holidays ireland

In September 2017, the DPS team  set out with 22 other photographers of all levels to one of the most remote, untouched and unique areas of Europe, Romania. Landing in Bucharest as the sun was setting, we quickly grab our luggage and board a bus to one of the most  beautiful places in the world. Through the coach window we see jagged cliffs and the outline of slopping wooden tiled houses as we are whisked to our destination. Up and up we travel, corkscrewing our way through small mountain villages until we reach the Transylvanian plateau, which is our base for the next four nights, the old Saxon stronghold town of Brasov.

Settling in for the night our advice is very simple, “have your memory cards empty and your batteries full, as we will hit the ground running in the morning”.

We wake to a stunning sunrise where the weather is still fantastic in September in Romania, 25 degrees  and that is the coolest day! Our day starts with a short tour Brasov. The city is located at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains steeped in history and old world charm with fascinating scenery. The tour takes in the old town hall square, St. Nicholas Church ( the oldest Romanian Orthodox church in the country) and the first Romanian school of Schei, which dates back to 1495, and the Gothic Black Church. We firstly stop at Biserica Sfântul Nicolae a stunning orthadox church and  in a secluded area in the back of the grounds we have our first outdoor lesson.

photography holidays Bucharest

documentary photography courses dublin

For 30 minutes we make sure that everyone is up to speed by covering some basic settings and composition skills.

photography holidays wallachia

Once in Brasov old town square, we break up into smaller groups and the DPS team spend some time with each group and give advice, feedback and direction.

brasov photography holidaysphotography holidays with DPS & Travel Department photography holidays with DPS & Travel Department reportage photography courses dublin


Don’t Miss Out!

Transylvania Holiday October 11th- 15th 2017

*** Only 3 Places Remaining ***

photography trips to TransylvaniaCome travel with us to Romania the largest of the Balkan nations. It is a land of stunning mountain scenery, unspoiled countryside and historic towns, making it a fantastic holiday destination for anyone looking to develop their documentary, street and landscape photography skills. Based in the charming, historic town of Brasov for four nights, you will have the opportunity to photograph the remarkable landscapes of the Transylvania region as you travel high into the Carpathian Mountains, taking in impressive vistas and lake views. You will also visit the picturesque medieval town of Viscri, famous for its traditional houses and Saxon fortified church, and Sighisoara, with its impeccably preserved hilltop citadel. Of course, no stay in Transylvania would be complete without a visit to the imposing fortress of Dracula’s Castle.



We spend the first half of the day working some basic skills before breaking for lunch and then regrouping before we head up into the beautiful Tampa Mountains where we have amazing panoramic views or the entire city of Brasov.

 romanian photography holidays with DPS & Travel Department


We spend the next few hours exploring the infamous Castle Bran, ( castle is mentioned in Bram Strokers Dracula ) taking tight stair wells and losing ourselves in rooms from another time,  a time that seems to step right out of a fairy tale. Romania is dotted with these Germanic style Gothic revival castles.

photography trips bran castle with dublin photography school

The group then regroups 30 minutes before sunset to photograph Castle Bran under the velvet blue veil of night.

After a long day we arrive back in Brasov, some of the group rest up and some head into Brasov to experience the local night life.


Day three takes us on another adventure but before  we travel out  along one of the most spectacular mountain roads in the world, the Transfagarasan Road and into the impressive Fagaras Mountains (commonly known as The Transylvanian Alps), we make a short stop at the Fagaras Fortress and the beautifully impressive gold domed Orthodox cathedral to capture some of it’s beauty.  When back on the road, we navigate up twisting winding roads of sheer drops and stunning heights, expertly handled by our driver. We stop along the way to take in some of the most stunning vistas. Before reaching our destination and our highest point,  Lake Balea, a glacier lake which is situated within the Fagaras Mountains at 2042metres above the sea level, our group breaks for lunch. After we are fed and watered we head out to our chosen location to get some of the best shots that Balea Lake has to offer. Here we give detailed tuition on filters, tripods, remote, settings, exposure and composition. The group then have some free time to seek out their own shots and compositions.  Before returning back to Brasov as the sun is setting, stop once again to photograph the impressive winding roads of the Transfagarasan. The remainder of the evening was spent at leisure, a most welcome break after  a busy day.

photo holidays ireland stewart kenny travel photographer ireland stewart kenny travel photographi

romania photography holidaysdublin photography school stewart kenny landacape photographer ireland



Day four takes us north to Sighisoara, a beautifully preserved medieval town set in rolling countryside and a UNESCO World Heritage site steeped in legend, and the birth place of Vlad the Impaler (the warlord that Bram Strokers  character Dracula is based on). We start with a short  walking tour through the cobbled streets viewing many highlights including the Church on the Hill and the impressive Clock Tower, which dates back to the 13th century. Each day a different wooden figure emerges from the belfry on the stroke of midnight and a drummer strikes every hour. This location is a little different in terms of tuition, here we introduce some ideas around setting themes and conventions, as well  reading and communicating an image. The guys are both delighted and challenged as this gives them a way of seeing things with a different twist. After a review during our exploration of the town, everybody excels and produces a fantastic array of images.

travel photography holidays ireland

photography trips transylvania

photography tuition holiday with dublin photography school photography tuition holiday with dublin photography school

We reboard the bus  and travel onwards to the traditional Saxon village of Viscri. Viscri  is  an amazing site that seems to almost have stepped out of time, with handcrafts and traditional agriculture that has not changed in generations. It is home to a stunning fortified church. We split up and wander this unique and fascinating town, that is full of friendly faces and detailed crafts, before re-boarding the bus back to Brasov.

Transylvania photography trips Transylvanian photography holidays Transylvania photography holidays travel photography courses ireland travel photography courses dublin dublin photography tuition dublin photography tuition documentary photography courses ireland


It is our last evening in Romania so many of us experience the night life and have a well earned local dinner. We depart early the next morning  with out take away breakfast in hand, and just as we think our adventure is over, we make one more stop. We head for Peles Castle on route to the airport and find it lit up in the amazing misty sunrise.

photography clubs Dublin






DPS & TDactive Holidays Italy Adventure – Part 2



Day 3: Wild Flowers, Vineyards & Reportage Photography In Florence

On our final day the crew hit the ground running. We are up early to a fantastic day with clear blue skies and glorious sunshine. We depart our hotel and are soon on the A11 bound for Florence. On the way we stop in a  beautiful national park known as ,‘Area Naturale  Proterra Del Monteferrato’ . This protected area is a mix of organic orchards and groves set on a stunning mountain-side littered with spring wildflowers, olive trees, waterfalls and of course stunning views of the surrounding countryside. After a brief talk on how to shoot flowers and some tips on composition and how to use circular polarizing filters, the guys break up into small groups and explore the grounds of this wonderful spot. After an hour we are back on the bus and stop of at a local cafe for a quick pick-me-up coffee before we are  Florence bound once more.




















Arriving in Florence, we are escorted by our guide, via a short walk into the ‘Piazza Del Duomo’. Here we are greeted by the towering ‘Cattedrale Di Santa Maria Del Fiore’, or as most people call it ‘The Duomo’.  We have a quick chat about what are the best settings for reportage and documentary style images and we all break up and start exploring.

As we enter the three biggest markets in Florence, the ‘Saint Lorenzo’s Market’, ‘Saint Ambrogio’s Market’ and the ‘Central Market’,  there is a stunning array of local produce, artisans and tradespeople plying their wares and presenting some fantastic and unique photo opportunities. After about two hours in the markets making sure that everybody has gotten the most out of the experience, we then have the rest of the afternoon at leisure, allowing everyone to soak in the sunshine and breathe in everything beautiful Florence has to offer, before we gather at our meeting point and we head towards the ‘Terzo Giardino’, to our waiting coach.





Aboard our coach we head of to our next destination, the ‘Piazzale Michelangelo‘, which offers us stunning panoramic views of Florence. After a short tutorial the guys take about 20 minutes photographing all that these views have to offer.

Back on the bus we chase the sunset to our next location, a local vineyard outside Lucca.
Here we give a quick run over tripods, filters and composition and photograph the evening sunset, leaving only as the the last of the light has gone for the day.



We arrive back in Lucca tired and even a little sunburnt after the day. We soon all assemble again for dinner and head to a local restaurant. Chatting and banter is in full swing about the highlights and delights of the last few days. After food and some lovely local vino we head for bed with the comfort of knowing we have a late check-out the next morning and a leisurely drive through the Tuscan country-side back to Bologna airport.

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DPS & TDactive Holidays Italy Adventure – Part 1

In March 2017, Dublin Photography School and TDactive Holidays took a fabulous four day photography adventure to Italy. The trip balanced fast paced street action, famous landmarks, detailed landscapes and stunning vistas, with good food, mostly sunny weather and the odd carafe of vino!

Sunrise in Dublin airport was punctuated with blurry eyed photographers busily shuffling toward their flight gates, with boarding passes in hand and lugging behind them their various camera bags and luggage.  A quick 2 hour  20 minutes flight later we gather in the baggage claim area of Bologna Airport, head through to clear passport control and are greeted by our local TDactive Holidays guide Paola.

Looking around our group of intrepid photographers, they come from all walks of life, different ages, different levels. some are couples, some traveling with friends and some traveling solo. All brought together with their common love of photography and travel.

We load up our coach for our fantastic scenic drive through the Tuscan countryside. There is a air of excitement as we drive our way through the terraced hills, deep valleys and dusty roads. We continue on to the city of Lucca, which will be our base for the next few days. Lucca is perfectly positioned as our starting  point for the trip. The city itself is a photographers playground, with it’s renaissance architecture, churches and winding cobbled streets. After an afternoon at leisure to allow the guys sometime to explore the town and get their feet on the ground, we set off to dinner in a local restaurant as arranged by our partners TDactive Holidays. Over dinner the guys get to know each other and after a few glasses of vino and some very well priced beers we retire for the evening.

Landscape photography holidaysitalyDay 2:  Landscape & Street Photography In Cinque Terre.

The second day of our Italian adventure finds us hitting the ground running. We take our coach to the train station in La Spezia, as there is only one way into the string of five villages that make up the UNESCO site of Cinque Terre (Five Lands) The five villages are, Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, each with it’s own unique charm and character. After a 30 minute photography lesson in the open air classroom of the local plaza outside the train station (whilst waiting for our train), we bring everybody up to speed on the different settings and techniques for capturing street images. We climb aboard and head for our first stop, Monterosso al Mare.

I could describe in minute detail the fantastic and quaint character of the villages that feel like they have almost stepped out of time, but as we say here at DPS, I will just let the images do the talking.

street Photography Monterosso al Mare   street Photography Monterosso al Mare, street photography italystreet Photography Monterosso al Mare, street photography italy street Photography Monterosso al Mare, street photography italy

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There is only one way into the string of five villages that make up the UNESCO site of Cinque Terre (Five Lands) The five villages are Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore, each with its own unique charm and character.

After a brief lunch in Monterosso al Mare, we re board our train and head for what I consider to be the jewel in the Crown. Arriving in Vernazza, we quickly make our way up a set of steep steps and pass through the narrow cobbled streets as they zig zag up the hill to the cliff-face overlooking the village. Before long we are over- looking  the jewel in the crown of Cinque Terre. We start with a quick talk on settings, ND, ND Grad and Circ Pol  filters and tripods and we move along the line giving advice on composition and fine fine tuning. Everyone is now  set up and then its “lights, camera, ACTION!”

stewart kenny travel photography

We spend 40 minutes shooting this stunning vista before we head down into the town to explore the craggy shore line with breaking waves and hidden caves that open into secluded inlets. Then we head back to the train station to journey  to Lucca. After a quick freshen up we head out to our night shoot around the town.

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Part 2:  Wild Flowers, Vinyards & Reportage Photography In Florence.

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Introducing Our New Head Of Training Stephen Maybury

stephen maybury DPS photography trainerDublin Photography School is delighted to announce that Stephen Maybury has been recently named as our new ‘Head Of Training‘ here at DPS. Stephen has been working with us now for over 7 years and in that time he has become a pillar in our organisation.  Stephen took over his new roll in late January 2017 and has been busy preparing and designing new photography courses/workshops/location shoots to bring online in the next few months.

On a personal note Stephen is simply one of the finest teaching and education professionals we have ever had the privilege to work with and we are sure you will all join us in wishing Stephen every success in his new role, in which he can only grow and excel.