DPS Beginners Photography Courses -September 2019


September is a busy time for schools and Dublin Photography School is no exception, being Dublin’s premier photography course provider we run a series of additional beginners photography courses from our Dublin 2 premises to help facilitate demand.

We have courses for all levels but find that September goes hand in hand with starting night and evening courses and taking on the challenge of learning a new skill – our unique blend of friendly class room learning and hands on practical shots help all our students getting out and mastering their cameras and improving their photographic skill in no time.

We run several different types of photography courses for beginners and those looking to improve their photography skills:


Beginners Photography Courses Starting In September 2019:

Improvers Photography Courses Starting In September 2019:

Photography Workshops Starting In September 2019:

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Dublin Photography School 2018 Year In Review

We say hello to 2019 and goodbye to 2018 – it went by in a flash (get it?).  What a year it has been for the team at DPS. It has been over 8 years since Dublin Photography school opened it’s doors and 2018 was another incredible year for us and we reached some massive milestones and went from strength to strength. We will have a new post soon of what to expect from us in 2019, however before we dive in 2019, let us look back at some of the highlights for 2018.


We welcome to DPS HQ many new faces and some familiar ones as we start classes for the New Year. Our Beginners and Introduction Photography Courses, are the big ticket items – however, we also see massive demand for many of our varied workshops, masterclasses and location shoots. We were delighted to  announce four photography holiday destinations and roll out three new innovative photography courses.

February :

This month see’s DPS tutors Stewart Kenny and Steven Maybury head to Kerala in India for a 10 night travel photography adventure. The trip is a huge success with some absolute stunning images being produced on location. Stewart Kenny  gives a ‘Thursday Talk’ on film photography and using lofi Cameras, you can see all of the details here.

March :

DPS roll out the new Masterclass series of photography tuition and there is a great response from our students. These photography classes have specific focus on one area of photography, e.g. Composition and Lighting. DPS also lead a photography group to Hook Head in Wexford with some stunning backdrops it is a fun filled day of photography which closed with some steel wool after dark beside the infamous and much photographed Hook Head.  You can see full highlights of that trip in our blog here.


As the month begins we add additional photography classes to keep up with demand. We head off on another adventure and bring our first group of photographers to Montenegro on a four night holiday in conjunction with TDactive Holidays This is an absolute stunning part of the world and again DPS is leading the way with innovative and new destinations for photography holidays from Ireland. The trip is well received and has a full house. DPS and TDactive Holidays  announce a new Montenegro photography holiday date for 2019. You can see the highlights of our 2018 Montenegro Trip here.


As summer approaches we see a strong demand for specific courses and workshops and we see a surge of popularity on our Wedding Photography Workshop in Russbrough House  Thisworkshop is designed to teach the basics of wedding photography from meeting and greeting your bride and groom, to posing, group shots, the importance of details and how to utilize a second shooter – to presentation techniques for your final work.


With the sweltering heatwave in full swing and the promise of a magnificent summer to come – DPS announce a series of talks with Damien Demolder in association with Panasonic Ireland.


DPS take part in Pro Foto Ireland. giving a talk on using DSLR for videos with Tadgh Conway. Tadgh teaches our introduction to DSLR video course. All details can be seen here.


Our beautiful summer weather continued and it gave the team at DPS a chance to get out on photographing and scrout out many new locations for shoots in 2019. As with ever summer we started our planning for Christmas and began the hunt for new travel photography destinations with the guys from TDactive Holidays. Many of these are to be announced soon.


DPS are delighted to find out that a number of their members have secured places on Photography Diploma courses and QQI courses in Saint Kevins College, Clougher Road, Crumlin. We receive APL and  RPL accreditation for a number of our courses and workshops. We return again to Transylvania with 12 photographers in conjunction with TDactive Holidays. DPS trainer Andrea Hunt leaves her role in the classroom behind and makes her debut trip as a location trainer. The trip is a roaring success and new dates for 2019 are soon announced due to it’s popularity. See the 2019 details here.


Trainers Stewart Kenny and Steven Maybury  return on another four day travel photography holiday to Morocco with 12 photographers in conjunction with TDactive. We are lucky as always to be photographing in the foothills of the Atlas mountains to the desolate agafay desert and and bustling souks of Merakech. The trip receives fantastic reviews including one from Fionn Davenport on RTE with Sean O’Rourke. new dates were instantly added for 2019. See  here. for details


DPS host a second ‘Thursday Talk’ With Damien Demolder and the talk is a huge success with over 50 people in attendance. See full details here. As each month passes we see more of more people coming through our doors who have recently taken up photography as a hobby. As a result we were delighted to announce a new 4 Week Quick Stater Photography Course.

December :

DPS trainers Stewart Kenny & Steven Maybury give a the final ‘Thursday Talk’ of 2018 on travel photographer and using your camera as an exploration tool. Again it was a full house and was very well received. The full details can be seen here. We had many great offers on a number of our courses and workshops as Christmas quickly came upon us.

Picking The Right Photography Course For You

beginners photography course guide ireland

You have a brand new camera, your memory card is empty, your battery is full, and you are burning with enthusiasm and ready to get to grips with all that photography has to offer. You might start by checking out a few YouTube videos, reading a few books and after a couple of blurry shots too many,  you decide to bite the bullet and take up a photography course. So where to start?

Our photography courses, workshops and masterclasses are broken down into the following categories:

beginners photography courses dublin

4-5-7 Week  Photography Courses

These are short photography courses that take place on a week night at DPS HQ in Dublin City Centre. These evening courses are designed to get you up to speed, not just with your camera but with the principals of photography. They cover everything from complete basics, to more advanced concepts. They are ideal for beginners and form the back bone of any future learning in photography. They do this by helping you get the basics in place, by dispelling myths, by busting jargon, and getting you comfortable with your camera. Our aim is to combine classroom based camera and photography techniques, with at least two classes out on location where you will apply what you have learned in theory. As we say here at Dublin Photography School, “you can’t learn to drive just by reading the rules of the road”.

Level: Complete beginners, experienced novices, self taught photographers looking to formalise their photography knowledge and photographers returning after a long break.

Course Frequency : Depending on the time of the year we can have up to 4 start dates a month depending on demand.

Equipment Needed: DSLR Camera, Mirrorless Camera, Tripod, Remote Control.

See Evening Photography Course List Here

1 Day Photography Courses

Our one day photography courses are aimed at anyone looking to make a quick start or for someone who cannot commit to an evening or part time course due to their own commitments. These courses tend to be similar to the 5-7 week courses but with out the on location shoots, however in line with our ethos, we still provide a practical element later in the day.

Level: Complete beginners, experienced novices, self taught photographers looking to formalise their photography knowledge and photographers returning after a long break.

Course Frequency : Depending on the course anywhere from 3 times per month to twice per year.

Equipment Needed: DSLR Camera, Mirrorless Camera

See 1 Day Photography Course List Here

1 Day Photography Workshops

Photography workshops slightly differ from photography courses, in that they tend to be a little shorter in duration. The can run anywhere from 4.5-6.5 hours depending on the workshop. The subject matter tends to be a little more specific to particular types of photography e.g. flash or studio photography, black and white photography, street photography, smartphone photography, travel photography, macro photography and wedding photography.

Level:  Experienced novices, self taught photographers looking to formalise their photography knowledge, photographers returning after a long break and students after completing a 1 day or 7 week course.

Workshop Frequency : This is workshop dependent.

Equipment Needed: This is workshop dependent.

See Photography Workshops List Here

Photography Masterclasses

A photography masterclass is an intensive short class 3-4 hours long that solely focuses on a single topic of photography, from Composition and Lighting to Semiotics and Visual Metaphor.  These classes tend to more lecture based with more of a focus on refining work, showing samples of how, when and where to use techniques, as well as identifying and refining work already produced.

Level: Experienced novices, xxperienced photographers, camera club members, students after completing a 1 day or 7 week course with DPS. All levels above beginner.

Class Frequency : There are 4 masterclasses scheduled for 2020.

Equipment Needed: DSLR Camera, Mirrorless Camera,

See Photography Masterclass List Here

Photography Location Shoots

Photography shoots are a great opportunity to get out and about with the camera and meet other photographers. They are about a social and peer group as much about learning new practical photography techniques. Each of our Photography Shoots has a different theme or techniques depending on the location or time of year and can take the form of a photo walk or Meet up that will visit several locations or be just confined to two or three spots depending on the location and techniques.

Level: All Levels

Location Shoot Frequency : Depending on the time of year we can have location shoots or location workshops happening up to twice a month (depending on demand).

Equipment Needed: DSLR Camera, Mirrorless Camera, various.

See Location Shoot List Here

Photography Excursions

Photography Excursions tend to be day trips or overnight stays in various locations around Ireland, and are all practical based outings. Some examples of the excursions and photography day trips we have run in the past are Copper Coast (Waterford), Hook Head (Wexford), Kilfane Glen and Waterfall,(Kilkenny) and  White Coast, Co Antrim to name a few.

Level: All Levels

Excursion Frequency : Photography day trips and excursions tend to run 1-2 times per year.

Equipment Needed: DSLR Camera, Mirrorless Camera, Tripod, Remote Control.

See Excursion List Here

iceland photography tour

Photography Holiday

In 2013 we teamed up with Travel Department & TDactive to bring you a series of photography holidays to some of the most stunning photographic locations in the world. These 3-5 Day trips are designed for all levels and are an outdoor classroom that bring you to handpicked locations by the DPS team and show you how to get picture perfect images that you would see in any travel book or brochure. Its a great experience with photographers of all levels catered for, thanks to the fact that there are 2 DPS trainers on every holiday allowing us to focus on all levels from COMPLETE beginners to ADVANCED veterans. The DPS crew pride themselves on creating a warm, fun and inclusive atmosphere where photographers of all levels can flourish and take advantage of the outdoor classroom. With Destinations including Romania, Italy, Croatia, Iceland, Morocco and India, There is something for everyone.

Level: All Levels

Course Frequency : We run up to 5 photography holidays a year depending on demand and locations available.

Equipment Needed: DSLR Camera, Mirrorless Camera, Tripod, Remote Control.

See Photography Holiday List Here

Photography Talks

DPS run a series of FREE photography lectures during the year called “Thursday Talks” With a mix of in house and guest speakers on a wide variety of subjects in and around photography. These talks have proven to be very popular over the years and tend to be a full house everytime.

Level: All Levels

Photography Talk Frequency : Up To 4 Times Per Year

Equipment Needed: None

Keep an eye on our photography Blog here or DPS  Facebook Group Page Here for upcoming Talks in 2018.

Online Photography Courses

At Present Dublin Photography School do not run any online photography courses. We feel that photography is a hands on practical subject that requires a “look and feel” approach to learning. The art of photography has always been more than just dry technical specs, no matter how import technics are in photography, they are just one important thread in a very rich tapestry of learning  photography. With that said DPS has plans for an “Online Campus” that will supplement the classroom based learning process and not replace it.

Keep an eye on our photography Blog here for upcoming future developments.

Mirrorless Camera Courses Dublin – With Dublin Photography School

Mirrorless camera photography courses ireland With recent upsurge in popularity of Mirrorless cameras with brands like Olympus, Fuji, Sony, Canon & Nikon all producing various Mirror-less Cameras models that are taking the photography world by storm. Dublin Photography School are delighted to announce that we have been on trend the last 18 months and that our staff and trainers have been fully trained and up to date on the latest mirror less cameras. while Mirrorless cameras work in principal nearly identically to DSLR cameras and are interchangeable, there are several areas such as camera lag, focus times, print size, aspect ratio, battery life, EVF etc, that require a slight modification of technique to get the most out of your camera. The entire crew here in DPS have been working and traveling with Mirror less cameras from all brands and companies for the last year making sure we are on point with the latest technologies and everything that this exciting innovation have to offer.

Our 7 Week Beginners Photography Course, 5 Week Follow On Photography Course and 1 Day Beginners Photography Course have all been modified to cater for Mirrorless users and cover all camera brands. While still being geared toward photography principals that will allow our students to use any given camera from, camera phones and compacts to DSLR and Mirrorless technology.

If your interested in learning more about Mirrorless cameras, why not check out Dublin Photography School Snapshot; Which has it the first half of the Podcast dedicated to mirrorless cameras.